vehicles and rubber.In the statemen
  • further increase two-way movement of people.As for cooperation on innovation, both sides agreed that it is a highlight in the BRI cooperation.The two s

  • ides vowed to push forward projects on communications technology, ope▓n innovation centers, high-tech industrial parks and

technology transfer centers, and strengthen cooperation i▓n digital economy, smart cities and other fields. The▓y agreed to jointly build a Digital

t, the two s

Silk Road.In a bid to promote their economic and social prospe

ides agreed

eeds of farmers."The Ministry of Science and Technology will ?/h4>

to boost bilateral coopera

rity and sustai▓nable development, China and Thailand agreed to fu▓rther expand cooperation in science, technology and innovation through joint research and development pr▓ograms, researcher exchanges and technology transfer.Additio▓nally, the two sides agreed to explore cooperation in▓ such fiel

tion between China's G

ds as biology, green circular economy and cuttin▓g-edge technology.On education and people-to-people exchanges, China and Thailand expressed satisfaction with cooperation within the framework of the current memora▓ndum of understanding on education cooperation, and agreed to strengthen education

uangdong-Hong Kong-Mac

cooperation at all levels and in all fields through such efforts as joint education, special exchanges, academic exchanges and d▓istance learning.The two countries also pledged to strive for concrete outcomes in bilateral cultural ex▓changes, and agreed to jointly organize cultural events nex

nnectivity between the

▓ two areas and beyond.The two sides also pledged to stre▓

  • t year to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the e▓stablishment of their diplomatic ties.What's more, China and Thailand, the statement said, agreed to increase co▓operation and coordin

  • ation in such platforms as the United Nations (UN), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and the▓ Asia-Europe Meeting, and safeguard the purposes and principles of the UN Charter

  • .China and Thailand also pledged to work together to safeguard the rules-based multilate▓ral trade system, and jointly make economic globalizati▓on more open, inclusive,

  • balanced and beneficial to all.The▓ two sides said they are satisfied with the strong, stab▓le and reciprocal relations between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Natio

ngthen fin

ancial cooperation, expand the use of their cu▓rrencies in

trade and

aboration on

order su


they said they

are sat
isfied w


tourists betw

een the
two coun

ns (ASEAN).China▓ and Thailand will make more efforts to maintain the vitality of the China-ASEAN strategic partnership and make the▓ partnership a key pillar of peace, stability,

tries. The leade

prosperity ▓and sustainable develop

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